Car Control Clinics

Imagine knowing what to do when your car begins to slide, or being in control during that panic stop. Even if you think you know what you are doing, come out and explore the limits of you and your car in a controlled setting. Car control skills are learned techniques that are fundamental to performance driving, and can enhance your ability to be a safer driver in normal everyday situations. Learn the basics of performance car control by participating in slalom, skid pad and emergency avoidance exercises with instruction. Our clinic is great for teenagers and beginning drivers. Attendance is a prerequisite if you plan to attend our high performance driving schools.

Our Clinics are open to all BMW Club members who want to enhance their driving skills and understand the capabilities of their cars. If you have been thinking about or planning to attend a high performance driving school, Car Control Clinics are a prerequisite for first time track school students. We explore vehicle dynamics in a controlled environment, with you in the driver’s seat. The program is structured for people without any formal performance driving instruction. Our goal is to prepare you with a fundamental foundation of skills from which you can further develop your driving abilities. Each participant receives personalized instruction provided by experienced Club instructors. The level of instruction is tailored to fit the needs of each individual student.

All you need to attend is a membership in the BMW Club, a valid driver’s license (learner’s permits are not accepted) and pay the registration fee (which includes lunch). Registration in advance is required by all participants. Two-driver cars are allowed (two separately registered drivers sharing one car).